Why Shakespeare was known as Bard of Avon?

In India, almost all the schools have books that includeliterature of Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was also called the Bard of Avon. The word Bard is referred to as the person who loves to write poems. After writing this play, Shakespeare gained lots of popularity. In this article, you will get to know about how William Shakespeare become the Bard of Avon.

Today, the Bard is one of the most famous poets whose poem is read by all the Indians. But, one of the most famous poets of all times is William Shakespeare. This is the response to the question of why Shakespeare -the Bard of Avon. Before the literature of Shakespeare was given the name bard, he was known with the name Robert Burns.

Some response to whyShakespeare was known as bard of Avon

• The first response to the question of why Shakespeare was known as Bard of Avon. Bard means the person who loves writing lyrical verses. Firstly, Celtic poets or writers of satire and eulogies were known by the name bard. After that, the word was used for singers or poets equipped with the amazing talent of writing and singing.

• The second answer why Shakespeare the Bard of Avon. In the first century in Great Britain, West and minstrels were known by the name bars. This word was given by the writer named Lucan. Shakespeare becomes Bard of Avon because bards are the writers of a great life, passion and tribulations. And everyone knows that William Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets, and he was given the name Bard of Avon because of its greatest writings. The youth admired almost every work of Shakespeare because almost every play of William Shakespeare contains Love, war and death. All his plays contain feelings and emotion; due to which all his playsare famous among the young generation.

The above-given details about William Shakespeare are enough to help you understand why Shakespeare was called Bard of Avon. If you still did not read the literature of Shakespeare, then you should quickly go and read about the best play written by him.

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